Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Retonement was received July 11, 2010 During the New Moon of the Eslicipe.
I believe the planetary energy of the time unveiled this information. Below are the instructions for this activation. After I received the info I was told this the foundation grid it take 21 days for full intergraton. I was shown it intergrades the 4th, 5th, 6th dimension so we can carry the light of the 9th dimension. I watched the central nervous system being rewired.
Alchemy of Potential
I ask the question how do we access the full potential without dropping into the trauma and drama of the emotional body, the fear of the ancestors and the entrapment of the unrealized. Ask and you shall receive…This was what was given to me.

Oh Sacred Union I invite you. We are with you we are the Gallery …we are apart of the Greater Aspect our work is focused we hold the design and assignment pattern. It is you who chooses the pattern of the Human design pattern for the lifehood. We hold the vision of the blueprint .It is you that chooses to activate the plan.
How do I do that?
Center into your heart, I activated my Earth Infinity Grid and then I was given these instructions.
Command the Soul Assimilation point be aligned to the fullest potential.
All obstacles are remove all untruths cleared and the Truth be restored.
Command the RNA and mitochondria be activated the fullest potential.
Command the Key of the Kingdom be be placed in hand.Unlock the Dream to the fullest potential.
Command the Plan be put into action. Invoke the Guards and Keepers to lock the grid into place.
Command the Emotional template to be reconfigured for support of the fullest potential
Command the mental template be aligned balanced in wisdom, understanding, and compassion. Thank you it is done.